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Enreps, LLC

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Our Offering of Services

New Construction Commissioning

Best if implemented through all phases of construction, from Design through handover. IECC Section C408, CalGreen, LEED compliant

Remodel Commissioning

For buildings undergoing major renovations

Re-Commissioning Services

Newer buildings that have been through the Commissioning process but increasing energy and maintenance costs. A “tune-up” to bring the building back to their original design intent, and operational efficiency.


Buildings that have not been through a commissioning process and using higher energy, and having equipment failures.

Infrared Electrical Inspections

Perfect for new construction and major renovations. Infrared cameras are able to detect loose wiring connections and over loaded circuits, which if left unchecked, could cause serious downtime.

Asset Tagging and Refrigerant Inventory-EPA Compliance

Equipment tagging and data collection, Greenchill paperwork, refrigerant inventory.


Our Vested Committment...Your Project Success

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